About us

The Fly Again Irish Pub and Grill Story.

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It started in 2005…

After many years renting in different locations in Latchi, Yiannis and his family decided to convert the storeroom of their family home into a restaurant.

Determined to make sure that all our customers and visitors felt comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, like they were in a home-away-from-home, Yiannis set about transforming the decor with many different types of wood and wood finishes to create a warm and natural feel.


The first decorations on our walls were painted by John The Artist whose talents allowed the Fly Again’s wonderful and unique ambience to begin to take shape. Sue then painted the outside walls and the walls near the restrooms. Femi decorated our Kids World (and also gives art lessons!) and Klenthis and Sue created the stunning mosaic which is the largest they have ever created in Cyprus. It took over 5 months to finish, with each tiny tile painstakingly placed there by hand.

Our name…

The name Fly Again, has its own story too. Yiannis has always believed that if you reach the very bottom in life you must not lose your faith – he believes that God is always there (when all else fails, He will be there for you). Spread your wings… and Fly Again.

We hope that you enjoy the warmth and hospitality that we strive to offer you every time you come for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks with us. So sit back, relax, let us look after you and help us continue our story.